Dod Inkjet Printer


D100 series large character inkjet printer adopts high reliable Drop-On-Demand ink-jet solenoid valve technology.

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Dod Inkjet Printer

D100 series large character inkjet printer adopts high reliable Drop-On-Demand ink-jet solenoid valve technology.  Reliable, strong and durable performance can meet the needs of various industrial coding. The printer can work normally in a variety of harsh environment, such as dusty, wet, vibration environment.
The high precision technology makes reliable performance and minimal maintenance.


Additional information

Additional information

Print Head Duct


Nozzle Specifications

80u 120u 150u

Printing Height

7dots: 5-28mm 16dots: 5-64mm 32dots: 5-128mm

Printing Distance


Printing Lines

1-4 lines

Printing Speed



More than 20 independent counters

Ink Color

Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Invisible

Ink Type

MEK based, Water based, Alcohol based, Acetonyl, Pigment


5×6L 7x6L 7×10L 9×8L 9×11L 11×11L 12×12L 16x16L 24×24L 32×32L 11x11B 12×13B 16x16B 24×24B 32×32B

Printing Material

Carton, Plastic, Metal, Boarding, Pipe, Stone, Glass, Electronic components, Industrial chemical packaging, Paint surface and other permeable and non-permeable surface

Print Content

Text, Time, Date(Julian Year), Logo, Shift, SN, Dynamic Barcode/QR Code, Dynamic Serial Data, Dynamic Database(Additional content can be added as required)

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